Who is this guy with the huge name?

So you may be wondering, who I am.  I’m not really anyone of special significance.  I have my skills, and my faults.  I’m just basically a normal guy. Well, almost.

I’m a software developer by trade.  My passion in this area is the D programming language, to which I try to contribute regularly.  I also work with all kinds of other languages, like C++, C#, php, and Objective-C/swift (the latter to do iOS projects).  But I want to have a semi-permanent avenue to record things that I find interesting or am annoyed at having to figure out or explain over and over again.  This is that place.  I also will publish articles on here from time to time.

I don’t see myself creating much other content, as I don’t have hordes of time. I imagined doing all sorts of postings and musings, but who has time for that? If things change, I’ll update this page.

Hopefully you find something amusing/interesting/helpful.  If not, well, too bad.  I will delete any comments that are junk or not worth reading (this does not include dissenting opinions, as long as their respectful).  So don’t bother replying to trolls or assholes, they will be gonzo and blocked.  You get one shot.  I’m mean like that, and if you want to exercise your right to free speech, make your own blog.